Semester & Academic Year Programs

Semester & Academic Year Programs


Students who study at AALIM for a semester or academic year experience what it means to learn where they live and become a part of their host community. Through rigorous language training, unique content courses, and community-focused internships, our long-term programs train students to be next-generation intercultural leaders.


Study intensive Arabic at your level, with a concentration on your area of interest: literature, media, MSA, Moroccan dialect, politics, or business. Direct enrollment offered to qualified students in Université Moulay Ismail in Meknes.

  • All levels of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

  • Media Arabic

  • Darija, Egyptian and Levantine colloquials

  • Conversation Courses

  • Hybrid Courses


Study intensive French, Spanish, or Tamazight at your level, with a concentration in your area of interest and combine it with Arabic classes if you wish.

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Tamazight

Content Courses : Take content courses in Arabic, a hybrid of Arabic and English, English only, or French. If your level permits, enroll in content courses at AALIM’s partner university, the University of Moulay Ismail in Meknes (UMI), to study with Moroccan students! 

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Some courses are offered exclusively in English, Arabic, or French. Other courses are offered partly in one language and partly in another language.


Listed below are the start date, end date, and application deadlines for the 2023. Please note these dates are class dates; arrival should be scheduled at least 1-2 days earlier than the start date for orientation and host family move-in. Departure should be scheduled one day later than the end date. Host family accommodations begin the day before classes and end the morning after the last class date. If you need to arrange alternate arrival or departure dates, please consult with AALIM Administration.


Semester Dates (duration) customize the lenght of your program

Deadline to Apply

Fall 2024

September 9 – December 6 (13 weeks)  

August 1, 2024

Spring 2025

January 13 – April 11 (13 weeks) 

December 11, 2024


Fall 2022

Semester Dates (duration) customize the lenght of your program

September 12 – December 9 (13 weeks)

Deadline to Apply

July 15, 2022


Spring 2023

Semester Dates (duration) customize the lenght of your program

Junuary 9 – April 7

(13 weeks) 


Junuary 9 – May 5

(17 weeks) 


October 30, 2022


Cost: $10,000 per 13 week semester, payable one month prior to start date.

Includes :

  • Tuition

  • Online placement exam prior to departure

  • 2-3 hours per week of language partner conversation

  • Cultural activities each week: lectures, music performances, calligraphy workshop, Arabic movies, cooking classes, etc.

  • Academic Program (4 hours of MSA classes per day, with optional 3 hours of colloquial Arabic per week at no extra cost)

  • 2 daytime excursions including the Roman ruins of Volubilis

  • Teaching assistant outside of classroom hours

  • Lodging, double occupancy with Moroccan host families (single rooms with additional payment)

  • 2 meals per day

  • Official transcript and certificate of study



Breaks for birthday parties are common at AALIM! Students often plan celebrations for their classmates throughout the semester, incorporating Moroccan birthday traditions and treats into their celebrations!

Music at AALIM

Anytime you hear music at AALIM, there’s a good chance that teachers, students, and staff will gather around to sing, talk, and enjoy themselves for a while. Music Club and other musical performances at AALIM have been highlights over the years!

Visit to Volubilis​

A visit to the Roman ruins of Volubilis, or Walili, located less than 45 minutes from Meknes is a must on every AALIM student’s itinerary!

Wrapping up

AALIM students often celebrate the end of the semester with henna before AALIM’s closing ceremony and through other planned events with their classes and host families.