Private Online Instruction

Private Online Instruction

Students can begin private instruction online at any time. One-on-one instruction can be a good fit for students who have specific language-learning goals. Individual instruction is $40 per hour.

If you would like to work at a particular pace, with a specific set of materials, or an expert in a certain field, AALIM’s instructors and staff are happy to work with you to develop and customize a plan that suits your needs.

Although Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Colloquial Arabic are the most popular online courses for private instruction, AALIM offers private instruction in any of our institute languages (including French, Spanish, and Tamazight).

When creating a plan of study with AALIM’s admissions team, students may also choose to add hours with a language partner and virtual cultural activities. 

Depending on your goals and time commitment, AALIM instructors will work with you to develop shared expectations and goals (which can include weekly homework, readings, listening activities) and help you move your project forward.

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Please note that each level (101, 102, etc.) of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is generally covered in 80 hours of online instruction. However, credit transfer requirements may vary by institution, and it is the student’s responsibility to confirm credit transfer requirements with their institution prior to enrolling with AALIM.

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