To apply to an AALIM program, please complete the application below and send the link for the recommendation letters and evaluation form to two of your professors. If you are beginning your Arabic study at the 101-102 level, you need not submit the evaluation form. If you are beginning your Arabic study at the 201 level or higher, an evaluation form should be completed by your Arabic instructor in addition to a recommendation letter (you need to submit two recommendation letters and the evaluation).

Once accepted, you will receive additional forms to complete (such as medical clearance form, insurance form, emergency contact information, etc.). You will also receive a copy of the handbook, including important information about your study abroad program in Meknes and what to expect, from the climate to cultural questions. Please read this handbook carefully as it includes certain guidelines that you must follow while attending an AALIM program. AALIM staff and faculty are always available to answer questions, by phone or email. Our goal is to serve you in meeting your language acquisition and cultural enrichment goals.


Please indicate the name and dates for the program you wish to attend (ex: summer 4 week June 4-30, 2017)
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If you have studied Arabic before, please self-evaluate your level.
If you have studied Arabic before, please self-evaluate your level.
If you have studied Arabic before, please self-evaluate your level.
If you have studied Arabic before, please self-evaluate your level.
Please indicate your institution or program, period of study (including hours/week), course level, and the books used. If you haven't studied Arabic before, please write "N/A."
Please describe why you wish to participate in AALIM (500 word max).
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Please request that two individuals submit letters of recommendation (the link for the submission form is below this application), These letters should address your academic ability and maturity. Additionally, please have your Arabic instructor provide the Arab skills evaluation form linked below. This form is not necessary for students enrolling for Arabic 101-102. In all other cases, you should provide the 2 letters of recommendation in addition to the evaluation form.
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All students are required to provide proof of health insurance for the entire time they plan to participate in the program, as well as emergency medical evacuation insurance. AALIM is not responsible for students' costs of medical care in Morocco. Program participants are also required to provide a doctor's medical clearance. These forms will be sent in your acceptance package. Medical information is kept in strict confidence.
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I certify that the information included in this application is true and complete. I acknowledge that withholding or misrepresenting information may disqualify me from AALIM's programs. Note: Your signature on this application indicates that, if accepted, you agree to follow the AALIM rules and guidelines during the language program you attend. A complete list of guidelines is included in the handbook provided to you in the acceptance package. Your signature also indicates you pledge to pay the entire tuition due for your program. (Refund policy: refunds are on a case by case basis, see FAQs)
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