Program Information


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AALIM programs take place in the AALIM Institute for Language Studies in the Old Medina of Meknes, Morocco. Many Americans are unfamiliar with Meknes, but it is one of the most historic and important cities in Morocco. It is a traditional walled medieval city, one of the four ancient imperial cities in the Kingdom of Morocco. At the same time, it is a thriving metropolis with a modern center and a young, educated population. The city counts close to a million inhabitants, including its suburbs, but is organized in manageable neighborhoods. Meknes provides an authentic experience as it is not one of the highly commercial tourist destinations; it is large enough to be interesting, and small enough to be interested. It also serves as an excellent starting point for exploring other regions and cities throughout Morocco.

The AALIM Institute's location is ideal, just inside the wall of the oldest, most traditional part of the city, the Medina, with its narrow winding alleys, cobblestones, pedestrian and donkey traffic–and yet it is only a few minutes' walk from the bustling "New City” built during the French Protectorate in the early part of the 20th century. AALIM has close ties with its partner, the University of Moulay Ismail, the large Moroccan university in Meknes, located about 3 miles from the Medina.

Faculty and Staff

The AALIM Moroccan faculty is carefully screened and selected. These professors have had special training in the pedagogical methods most widely used in teaching Arabic in the United States and most have had previous experience working with American students. They all share the AALIM Institute's and director's enthusiasm for, and dedication to, teaching Arabic as a second language.

Teaching Philosophy

AALIM's goal is to help each and every student make significant advances toward their personal language-learning goals.

In today's complex world, Arabic is a key and critical language in efforts to achieve worldwide peace and understanding. In addition, Arabic has a long and rich linguistic history. At AALIM, we strive to convey the fundamental beauty of the language while responding to the practical communication needs of today's students, who may plan work in diplomacy, government, NGOs, or private business.

AALIM offers an internationally recognized solid course in Modern Standard Arabic from beginning to very advanced levels. Student progress has been independently verified by outside assessors (such as ACTFL OPI testers or online exams). AALIM also provides an outstanding and innovative Moroccan dialect course, with extensive materials to help students move from the complete beginner's level to near native fluency.

AALIM's communicative interactive teaching style and its proficiency-based program achieve outstanding results. Goals are set in reference to ACTFL standards. Students experience daily progress. Small classes assure individual attention for each student. AALIM is committed to providing individual help and assistance outside of the classroom. Professors have scheduled tutorial sessions, office hours, and a teaching assistant is available for many additional hours of support. AALIM students are encouraged to practice their language skills together or with language partners outside class time and while they are exploring the city.

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