Rihla Program

Now a single program offers you the opportunity to explore opposite ends of the Arab world! Two prestigious Arabic Language and Culture institutions have joined forces to span continents and offer you an experience you will not find elsewhere.

Who is NMTI?

AALIM is proud to partner with the Noor Majan Training Institute, located in Ibri, Oman. NMTI offers students full Arabic immersion and easy access to the Omani way of life, while specializing in high-quality Arabic programs.

Summer Programs

4 weeks in Oman and 4 weeks in Morocco

Application deadline extension: applications due by March 22, 2019

AALIM in Meknes, Morocco and NMTI in Ibri, Oman, offer you two Arab-Islamic viewpoints, two diverse countries, and 160 hours of Modern Standard Arabic during 8 weeks, plus language partners, excursions and casual cultural activities. Meet Omani families, stay with host families in Morocco.
Summer 8-week program cost: $5,000, excluding ticket between Oman and Morocco

Summer 2019 dates: Oman: June 9 (must arrive on June 8) - July 4, travel on July 5, 6 or 7 to arrive in Morocco by Sunday July 7 (host family accommodations begin the night of July 7, earlier arrival incurs a surcharge of $32 per day); Morocco class days: July 8 - August 2

Semester Programs

8 weeks in Oman and 8 weeks in Morocco

Make extraordinary strides in mastering Arabic and take optional university classes in Arabic. Prepare with intensive Arabic at NMTI in Oman; continue intensive Arabic at AALIM and add the possibility of going to the university with Moroccan students with full academic support from AALIM, which handles all enrollment formalities.
Semester cost: $12,820 excluding ticket between Oman and Morocco; all tuition, lodging and most meals included.

Fall semester 2019 dates: Oman: Aug 18 - Oct 10, travel to arrive in Morocco Sunday Oct 13; classes Oct 14-Dec 6; depart host family Saturday Dec. 7

For more information and current dates, please email aalimorocco@yahoo.com or samira.selle@noormajan-institute.com. Apply through either program, only one application is necessary.