AAIM offers 4-12 week long summer intensive programs, as well as semester and academic year-long programs. The new Rihla Program combines study abroad experiences in Oman and Morocco. These programs may be enhanced by additional internships and volunteer opportunities. Coming soon: full time internship program for a semester (with or without language classes)! New English language content courses during the semester!


AALIM classes are small, with not more than 12 students, often with 5-8 students per class, so each student receives individual attention. From the beginning level, classes are conducted entirely in Arabic. Support in English outside the class is available from your class professor, the Academic Director and other AALIM staff. The intensive programs include 4 hours of class Monday through Friday, and about 3 hours of homework per day, in addition to outside organized activities, such as lectures and cultural activities.

Incoming students are placed in classes after an assessment test once they arrive in Morocco. Since students come from many different American universities, placement cannot be made on school records alone. All successful participants receive a certificate of study at the end of the program. Students are responsible for arranging for credit transfer, and are encouraged to discuss this with the appropriate officials in their home school before they leave for their overseas experience. AALIM provides documentation requested by your study abroad office to support your credit transfer process.

When choosing your program, please note that four weeks are generally equivalent to one semester of study in an American university. We advise you to choose a program length for summer study that will lead seamlessly into your fall classes at your home institution; some universities do not offer 102, 202, or 302 in the fall semester.

AALIM's class levels:

  • Beginning, equivalent to 101-102 in most universities
  • Intermediate, equivalent to 201-202 in most universities
  • High Intermediate, equivalent to 302-302 in most universities
  • Advanced, equivalent to 401-402 in most universitites
  • Very Advanced, equivalent to graduate studies

Cultural Programs

AALIM's cultural programs are an important part of the language curricula. These programs provide valuable insight into daily life in Morocco, as well as a rich opportunity for language practice. They include a broad spectrum of experiences, such as lectures, calligraphy workshops, music performances, henna ceremonies, and cooking lessons, among many others. Specific cultural activities may vary from one program to another. The activities require no advance preparation, and all materials necessary for participation are provided; however, some activities may require advance sign-up in your classroom and/or may be required by your program director if you are participating in a group program.