Financial Aid

Because AALIM strives to provide a quality program at a reasonable cost to all students, and we have not raised our prices in five years, only a very limited amount of financial aid is available and only during semester programs (contact us by email for details).

Outside funding sources available for Arabic study:

Administered by Critical Language Scholarship Program, a fully funded State Department program; AALIM hosts 2 CLS institutes of 8 weeks each in the summer.

* Please note that the CLS application window is limited to a short period in the fall of each year (Oct-Nov); check their website for details.

Administered by US NSEP, for undergraduate long term study of a critical language abroad. From the Boren website: "Boren Scholarships promote long term linguistic and cultural immersion, and therefore study abroad proposals for two or more semesters are strongly encouraged. Preference will be given to undergraduate applicants proposing a full-year (6 months or more) academic study." AALIM often hosts Boren scholars and will work with you too develop your proposal for academic study at our institute.

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS) grants are awarded by the US Department of Education through an allocation system to universities for undergraduate and graduate fellowships during the summer or the academic year. Contact your school administration or study abroad office for details on applying. AALIM often hosts FLAS scholars and will work with you to provide the paperwork required in the FLAS application process.

Critical Language Enhancement Awards (CLEA) are dministered by Fulbright as part of the US Fulbright Student Program, and provides funding for language study necessary to the successful completion of your Fulbright project. Only available to Fulbright scholars; application is concurrent with Fulbright application. AALIM is recognized as a Fulbright approved research institute in Morocco and we have proudly sponsored and hosted a number of young Fulbright scholars.

Gilman scholarships are sponsored by the US Department of State Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs and administered by the Institute of International Education. To apply for a Gilman award, you must be a US undergraduate receiving federal Pell Grant funding at a 2 year or 4 year university. From the Gilman website: "Applicants who are studying a critical need language while abroad in a country in which the language is predominantly spoken will automatically be considered for the Critical Need Language Award". Arabic is classified as a critical need language and AALIM proudly hosts Gilman scholars in both summer and semester programs.

Graduate and post-graduate fellowships are awarded to promote research in the social sciences. Administered by the Social Science Research Council.

Other sources
Be sure to discuss your plans with your university's study abroad office, global studies office, your professors and fellow students who have studied abroad. If you are in ROTC, talk to your campus coordinator about Project GO. You may receive useful advice about other funding.